New Wave Round 1

New Wave Round 1

New Wave Round 1

New Wave Round 1

New Wave Round 1

New Wave Round 1

New Wave Round 1

New Wave Round 1

Friday, May 18, 2007

Big 12" Single Update

About the forum. I put up the forum for everyone to help and find some songs that people are looking for. As of now only a few people are posting any songs.

If you are registered and do not post anything, in the forum, for 7 day you give me no choice but to put you on the inactive list. If you still don't post within 14 days, I'm going to have to put you on the banned list. I'm sure nobody wants to be banned, so please share.

This forum should be a place where people can go to find songs that are hard to find. The only way to accomplish this is everyone registered participates. Enough of my ranting and raving and on the buisness at hand.

I decided not to post a mix today folks! I just wanted to update the site with lots of 12" extended mixes today. So....Here we go.

Go West - We Close Our Eyes (Remix)
Howard Jones - New Song (12")
Howard Jones - Things Can Only Get Better (12")
Human League - Louise (Extended Remix)
Herbie Hancock - Rock It (Long Version)
Icehouse - Electric Blue (Dub Version)
Jason Donovan - Too Many Broken Hearts (Remix)

Kate Bush - Running Up That Hill (12")
KC & The Sunshine Band - That's The Way I Like It (12")
Kylie Minogue - Got To Be Certain (Extended Mix)
Lionel Richie - All Night Long (Long Version)
Madonna - Angel (Extended Dance Mix)
Madonna - Dress You Up (12" Formal Mix)
Madonna - Gambler (Extended Dance Mix)
Michael Jackson - Billie Jean (Liebrand Remix)
Natalie Cole - Pink Cadillac (Club Vocal Mix)
Paul Hardcastle - Rainforest (12" Recut Version)
Nena - 99 Luftballons (Extended)
Philip Oakey - Together In Electric Dreams (12")
Rick Astley - Take Me To Your Heart (Autumn Leaves Mix)
Rick Astley - Take Me To Your Heart (12")
Robin Gibb - Juliet (Extended Version)
Sinitta - Right Back Where We Started From (Extended Mix)

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Old School Gems

I was searching the web yesterday and came across a couple of good club mixes made by DJ Lex. Did some research and found that he runs an internet radio station called DJ Lex Club 80's. I never heard of it before but it's been around awhile. (Maybe I should change my site name)

These mixes are similar to my mixes in that it is the classic club beat mix style. In my opinion they are very well done. Take a listen.

If you have some classic beat mixes you made, feel free to contact me and I will post them for the world to hear.

Old School Mix 1
1. Vaughn Mason - Bounce Rock Skate Roll
2. Chic - Good Times
3. Lakeside - Fantastic Voyage
4. Emotions - Best Of My Love
5. Cheryl Lynn - To Be Real
6. Patrice Rushen - Forget Me Nots
7. Brick House - Commodores

Old School Mix 3
1. Young MC - Bust A Move
2. Frankie Smith - Double Dutch
3. Midnight Star - Freak-A-Zoid
4. Eddy Grant - Electric Avenue
5. Rockwell - Somebody's Watching Me
6. Tone Loc - Wild Thing
7. Chaka Khan - I Feel You
8. Debbie Deb - When I Hear Music

Right click and save as
Click here for Old School Mix 1
Click here for Old School Mix 3

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Chain S.A.W. Massacre

I got great response from the Stephan Bray mix I made last week and thought...Hey producer/songwriter mixes are a cool theme. This time, I made a SAW (Stock, Aitken, Waterman)
mix. Remember when you turned on the radio in the 80's and it seemed like the same song came on but yet it was a different artist. This was probably produced by SAW. The team was big in the 80's with songs by Dead Or Alive, Rick Astley, Kylie Minogue (Just to name a few) This mix incorporates their sound in a megamix. Hope you enjoy todays mix.

1. Rick Astley - Together Forever
2. Donna Summer - This Time I Know It's For Real
3. Boy Krazy - That's What Love Can Do
4. Samantha Fox - Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now
5. I Heard A Rumour - Bananarama
6. Pepsi & Shirley - Heartache
7. Kylie Minogue - Locomotion

Click here for the individual tracks
Click here for the mix

Bonus (free for non members) SAW songs.
Dead Or Alive - Brand New Lover (Up Ducky Mix) 6:28
Dead Or Alive - Brand New Lover (Dust Monkey Love Bubble Mix) 9:01

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Individual Italo Mix songs

Someone requested that I post each song I used for the first Italo mix for Leigh. They are now posted in the forum.

1. Kylie Minogue - I Should Be So Lucky (12" Version)
2. Sabrina - Boys (Summertime Love) (12" Version)
3. Kim Wilde - You Came (12" Version)
4. Sinitta - So Macho (12" Version)
5. Ken Laszlo - Hey Hey Guy
6. Fancy - Slice Me Nice
7. Scotch - Disco Band (12" Version)

Click here to get the songs.

Tomorrow, I will post a new mix for you all.

Til Then.

DJ Shooter

Monday, May 14, 2007

Back To The Retro

If you aren't registered for the forum, do so now (it's free). With this post, I'm putting the links, for the songs, in there. If you're registered, then you can download the songs. If you don't register you can't download. From now on, I will post all the links there. This way, I feel we will get more people posting or helping with requests. Speaking of requests, big thanxs goes out to all of you who are lending a hand with finding some of the requests (Namely Tedy & Tricky. Thanxs for all the work this past weekend.)

Now on with today's mix. This one is back to the retro music I started this blog with.

Sting - If You Love Somebody (12" Mix)
ABC - Be Near Me (Munich Disco Mix)
Anything Box - Living In Oblivion (Chicago House Mix)
A-Ha - Sun Always Shines On TV (Extended Version)
New Order - Subculture (Razormaid Mix)
Sparks - Music You Can Dance To (Razormaid Mix)
Pet Shop Boys - It's A Sin (Disco Mix)

Click here to download the individual files

Click here to download the mix

Tomorrow there will be no mix since I will post the individual songs that I used for the first Italo mix I made. Talk to you then.

Hazell Dean - Turn It Into Love (2 version)

This morning I got an email from Blonodebombe with these two songs. I decided to post them for everybody.

These songs were requests.

Hazell Dean - Turn It Into Love (Disconet)
Hazell Dean - Turn It Into Love (House Mix)

Click here to download the zip file.