New Wave Round 1

New Wave Round 1

New Wave Round 1

New Wave Round 1

New Wave Round 1

New Wave Round 1

New Wave Round 1

New Wave Round 1

Friday, June 1, 2007

Tribute to WAX TRAX!!!!!

No mix today since I DJ'd last night. Today I'm going to post a CD box set that I found the other day and forgot that I had this. It's the 3 disc box set of Wax Trax Records from 1994 called "BLACK BOX".

Black Box commemorates Wax Trax!'s output as an independent record label prior to
its purchase by TVT Records. In particular, Black Box celebrates Wax Trax!'s place as the seminal American industrial label, featuring acts such as Ministry (and its numerous side projects), KMFDM, Meat Beat Manifesto, Coil, Laibach, and many others.

Black Box is notable for containing the Trent Reznor Vocal Version of 1000 Homo
DJs' "Supernaut." Reznor's vocal recording was not used on the original Wax Trax! release because of pressure from his then-current record label — coincidentally, TVT Records. Absent from Black Box is the work of Front 242, whose releases on Wax Trax! (originally licensed from Play It Again Sam) are not represented because of disputes with Epic Records, which had recently obtained the rights to Front 242's catalogue.

1. Supernaut [Trent Reznor Vocal Version][#] - 1000 Homo DJs \
2. No Devotion [LP Version] - Revolting Cocks

3. Beers, Steers and Queers [12" Version] - Revolting Cocks

4. Addiction [LP Version] - Sister Machine Gun

5. Violent Peace [LP Version] - Excessive Force

6. Envoye [12" Version] - Young Gods

7. I Will Refuse [12" Version] - Pailhead

8. Faster Than Light [LP Version] - Lead Into Gold

9. Digital Tension Dementia [LP Version] - Front Line Assembly

10. Your God Is Dead [LP Version] - Mussolini Headkick

11. Now Is the Time [LP Version] - Greater Than One

12. Shit for Brains [LP Version] - Pig

13. Cop Out [LP Version]

14. Atomic Dog [LP Version] - Wreck

15. Elephant's Graveyard [12" Version] - Strike Under

1. Stowaway [LP Version] - Chris Connelly
2. Come Down Here [LP Version] - Chris Connelly

3. Love's Secret Domain [LP Version] - Coil

4. Snow [Answers Come in Dreams II Version] - Coil

5. Hacker [LP Version] - Clock DVA

6. Virus [12" Version] - KMFDM

7. Godlike [12" Version] - KMFDM

8. Everyday Is Halloween [Original 12" Version] - Ministry
9. Rigor Mortis [LP Version] - A Split Second
10. Butterfly Potion [LP Version] - Foetus
11. Father Don't Cry [LP Version] - Doubting Thomas

12. Nothing Stays the Same [LP Version] - Cyberaktif

13. Words (Of the Dying) [LP Version] - Controlled Bleeding

14. Compulsion [LP Version] - In the Nursery

1. Rubber Glove Seduction [12" Version] - Pip
2. No Name, No Slogan [12" Version] - Acid Horse

3. What Time Is Love? [12" Version] - The KLF

4. Silicon Jesus [Duality Mix] - Psykosonik

5. Cuz It's Hot [12" Version] - My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult

6. Do You Fear (For Your Child) [LP Version] - My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult

7. Geburt Einer Nation [LP Version] - Laibach

8. God O.D. [EP Version] - Meat Beat Manifesto

9. Mindblower [EP Version] - Fred Giannelli

10. I.C. Water [LP Version] - Psychic TV

11. Me and My Ding Dong [LP Version] - Pankow

12. Name Game [7" Version] - Divine


Thursday, May 31, 2007

Dance Time (New Wave)

I might offically be running out of ideas for mixes without repeating song. Please help me with some ideas for mixes. Go to the forum and leave your ideas in the new section I created. I will be checking often and creating mixes from this. Not to say I won't create my own mixes but not exactly sure what the dance floor is in the mood for.

Today I created yet another New Wave mix. I think i already posted some of these songs but never this mix. So here we go................

Depeche Mode - People Are People (Hot Tracks Edge Remix) 6:42
Yaz - State Farm (12" Mix) 6:32
Red Flag - Broken Heart (Razormaid Remix) 6:02
Red Flag - Broken Heart (UK Remix) 5:20
Pet Shop Boys - Opportunities (Dance Mix) 6:45
Camouflage - Great Commandment 5:56
ABC - Be Near Me (Hot Tracks Remix) 9:07

Visit the forum here to download the mix and individual tracks used.

DJ Shooter

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

How Slow Can You Go

The first mix on this blog was a downtempo mix. This time I want to slow it down again. All these songs are in the 99-101 BPM range. With this mix, I am also returning to more of a retro, new wave sound. Granted some may not be considered "NEW WAVE" but all would be played on a retro new wave night at any club. Hope you enjoy todays mix.

1. Smiths - How Soon Is Now (Long Version) 6:45
2. Soho - Hippychick (Original 12" Version) 4:31
3. Spandau Ballet - True (Funkymix Version) 10:15 (second part of the PM Dawn/Spandau Ballet Medley)
4. DNA Feat. Suzanne Vega - Tom's Diner (Extended Version) 5:25
5. Squeeze - Tempted (Hot Tracks Remix) 5:29
6. Enigma - Mea Culpa (Fading Shades Mix) 6:04
7. Wot - Captain Sensible (Original 12" Version) 5:39
8. PIL - Body (Orginial 12" Version) 5:13

Click here for the Slow and Low Mix

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Number One Club Hits Of 1980

This is a theme I thought up while at work the other day. I thought it might be fun to try to create a mix of all the Number One songs that was played in the clubs in the year 1980. So, I pulled out my copy of "Hot Dance/Disco 1974-2003" by Joel Whitburn, turned to the back of the book to the Number 1 Hits section, found the year 1980, and started to create. This is what I came up with. Its my longest mix to date, running over 1 hour.

Hope you like it.

Diana Ross - Upside Down (Ultimix Looking Back Remix) 5:35
Whispers - And The Beat Goes On (Original 12" Version) 7:36
Shalamar - Second Time Around (Original 12" Version) 7:08
Loleatta Holloway - Love Sensation (Gold Mind 12" Version) 6:33
Geraldine Hunt - Can't Fake The Feeling (Long Version) 5:19
Change - Lover's Holiday (Full Length Album Version) 6:16
SOS Band - Take Your Time (Do It Right) 4:34
Stacey Lattisaw - Jump To The Beat (LP Version) 5:19
Brothers Johnson - Stomp (LP Version) 6:24
Dan Hartman - Vertigo/Relight My Fire (Original 12" Version) 9:35
Debbie Jacobs - High On Your Love (Original 12" Version) 5:24
Celebration - Kool & The Gang (Ultimix Vol. 29) 6:40
Lipps Inc - Funkytown (Original 12" Version) 7:46
Linda Clifford - Shoot Your Best Shot (LP Version) 7:49
Walk Right Now - Jacksons (Original 12" Version) 7:36
Irene Cara - Fame (Origianl 12" Version) 5:14

Click the song to download the individual tracks
Click here to download the mix

More number ones of the other years to come at a later date.

Enjoy todays mix
DJ Shooter