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New Wave Round 1

Friday, June 8, 2007

That Girl DJ Blended Erasure & Depeche Mode!!!!

I was looking through my CD collection and found this gem that I forgot I purchased. This is a disc called THAT GIRL DJ PRESENTS DEPECHE MODE ERASURE BLENDED. After looking at the disc, I remembered I purchased it at a used CD store back in 1995.

I don't know much "THAT GIRL DJ" other than what is on the back of the disc. I believe she is from Athens, Greece, since that is the address to write to for fan club info. If anyone has some more information on this release, I would like to know more about it.

Anyway, it's a disc of Erasure & Depeche Mode songs brilliantly mixed together to creat a 45 min mix. The track listing is below.


1. Erasure - Little Respect
2. Erasure - Stop
3. Erasure - Chans Of Love
4. Erasure - Who Needs Love Like That
5. Erasure - Oh Lamour
6. Erasure - Give Me Give Me Give Me
7. Depeche Mode - Policy Of Truth
8. Depeche Mode - Enjoy The Silence
9. Depeche Mode - Pain (Really Strangelove)
10. Depeche Mode - Behind The Wheel
11. Depeche Mode -Personal Jesus
12. Depeche Mode - Everything Counts
13. Depeche Mode - Blasphemous Rumors
14. Depeche Mode - People Are People
15. Depeche Mode - Everything Counts (This is not correct. I Don't know what song it really is)
16. Circus Break
17. Depeche Mode - Just Can't Get Enough
18. Depeche Mode - Master And Servant
19. Depeche Mode - Broken Dreams
20. Erasure - Ship Of Fools
21. Erasure - Push Me Shove Me
22. Erasure - Sometimes
23. Erasure - It Doesn't Have To Be Like That
24. Erasure - Run To The Sun
25. Erasure - Always

There are also (3) "Bonus Tracks" on this disc that were not mixed together. They are as follows:
Camouflage - Heaven (12" Remix)
Camouflage - That Smiling Face (12" Remix)
Flock Of Seagulls - Wishing (12" Remix)

Well, that does it for another week. Next week, I will take care of a few Mix requests from the forum. I am currently working on a Prince Ladies Mix that was requested.

Til Monday

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Sheer Chic

This is a mix by request, in the forum, by Medusa. It's a tribute to the talented members of Chic, Nile Rodgers & Bernard Edwards. After recording with Chic, the two went on to produce many great recording acts. This mix is a tribute to them. Hope you enjoy it. BTW, Great suggestion Medusa, thanks for the idea.

1. Grace Jones - I'm Not Perfect (Nile Rodger's Perfectly Remix) 7:21
2. ABC - Night You Murdered Love (Sheer Chic Remix) 6:30
3. Duran Duran - Wild Boys (Wilder Than The Wild Boys Mix) 7:58
4. I Didn't Mean To Turn You On (Extended Version) 6:33
5. Chic - Jack Le Freak (Ultimix Version) 7:06
6. INXS - Orginal Sin (Original Extended Dance Version) 6:35
7. Madonna - Dress You Up (Original 12" Version) 6:17

Keep those great mix suggestions coming. Leave a message in the forum if you got a mix idea for me.

Click here for the individual tracks: Sheer Chic individual tracks
Click here for the mix: Sheer Chic

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Ladies Of The Eighties

Thought this might be fun to try. Here is a mix of the top "Divas" of the eighties.

1. Janet Jackson - What Have You Done For Me Lately (Ben Liebrand Remix) 6:31
2. Paula Abdul - Knocked Out (Original 12" Version) 7:04
3. Whitney Houston - Love Will Save The Day (Original Extended Version) 7:59
4. Madonna - Like A Virgin (Original 12" Version) 6:10
5. Cyndi Lauper - Girls Just Want To Have Fun (Extended Version) 6:08
6. Diana Ross - Eaten Alive (Hot Tracks Mix) 7:47
7. Olivia Newton-John - Physical (Single Version) 6:32

Click here for the individual tracks: Ladies Of The Eighties Tracks
Click here for the mix: Ladies Of The Eighties Mix

Check here tomorrow for a mix by request from the forum. Medusa requested two great mixes. I will post the first of Medusa's mixes called Edwards & Rodgers Sheer-Chick Tribute Mix. See you tomorrow.

DJ Shooter

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Totally Industrial Tuesday

This type of music is my absolute favorite. Dark and electric. Call it what you will, (goth, Industrial, electronic etc.) I will always be extremely fond of this type. I started getting into Industrial while in an suburban high school where all the girls liked the preppy garbage and tried to look like Tiffany or Debbie Gibson, while the guys all wore polo golf shirts and deck shoes like Huey Lewis or George Michael. (you know, pretty boy stuff, YUK!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Even though I play that type of music while DJ'ing, I really loath it. When someone finally knows music and requests some 80's music that is not heard on the radio and only heard UNDERGROUND, I jump at the chance to play it.

I made an industrial (more of the reconizable type), a few weeks ago, called "On The Darker Side. You can check it out here. This time around, some industrial many of you may not recognize. I think it is a great mix and have listened to this mix over and over again, so many times, that my wife is getting sick of me. She thinks that I am suffering from depression. I told her this music is dark just like my soul (HA HA HA HA HA)

In this mix, I really dig the stolen base line from Michael Jackson's "Billy Jean" on
Kaw-Liga by the Residents. They give a new meaning to "Let's make fun of pop music"

Here is the tracks used for this mix.........

1. Lord Of Acid - I Sit On Acid (Original 12" Version)
2. Nine Inch Nails - Head Like A Hole
3. Poesie Noire - Pity For The Self
4. A Split Second - Rigor Mortis
5. Severed Heads - Dead Eyes Open (12" Version)
6. Skinny Puppy - Testure
7. Nitzer Ebb - Join In The Chant (Razormaid Remix)
8. MCL - New York (Razormaid Remix)
9. Ministry - All Day
10. Moev - Crucify Me
11. Renegade Soundwave - Phantom
12. Residents - Kaw-Liga
13. Front 242 - Headhunter (Razormaid Remix)
14. CCCP - American Soviets
15. My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult - Do You Fear For Your Child
16. Revolting Cocks - We Shall Cleanse The World (LP Version)

Click here for the Mix: INDUSTRIAL MIX 2
Click here for the individual tracks: INDUSTRIAL INDIVIDUAL TRACKS

Keep it dark
DJ Shooter

Monday, June 4, 2007

Requests For A Monday

Got a request last week in the forum to create a HI-NRG Mix. DJ Deeds...Great idea. Here is the mix.

This includes two cover versions of 70's disco hits. One by Bananarama covering More More More by Andrea True Connection. The other cover is by Delage. They do a remake of the Hues Corporation. Hope you enjoy today's HI-NRG mix.

Here is the Tracks Used.

1. Bananarama - More More More (Hot Tracks Remix)
2. Delage - Rock The Boat (Hot Tracks Remix)
3. Lonnie Gordon - Gonna Catch You (Hot Tracks Remix)
4. Kelly Marie - It Feels Like I'm In Love (Hot Tracks Remix)
5. Kylie Minogue - Shocked (Hot Tracks Remix)
6. Boney M - Happy Song (Extended Version)
7. Lana Pellay - Pistol In My Pocket (Extended Version)
8. Sinitta - Cruisin

For the individual tracks, check the forum Here
Click Here For The HI-NRG Mix

Til Tomorrow,

DJ Shooter