New Wave Round 1

New Wave Round 1

New Wave Round 1

New Wave Round 1

New Wave Round 1

New Wave Round 1

New Wave Round 1

New Wave Round 1

Friday, April 20, 2007

A Little Happy Mix

The second mix I have chosen to post has a happy/carefree feel to it. It includes songs from a founding memeber of Duran Duran, two songs from Dead Or Alive, a Depeche Mode favorite and a Razormaid remix of a Pet Shop Boys classic.

Speaking of Razormaid, if you don't know already, they are a company that produces remixes that sound close to the original song. It's like the classic 12" singles that used the original song and made it longer and more DJ friendly. Other remix services from the 80's such as Ultimix or Hot Mix use extra drum beats not even close to the original along. In fact artist have actually released their remixes on the Original 12" single. (The Cure - The Walk comes to mind)

I would like to here from some of you that might have more of the CLASS-X series from Razormaid since I currently only have Vol. 1-3 and some various other mixes from the series and would like to collect the entire series.

Enough ranting on and on about one of the best remix services available and on with the mix. This mix clocks in at 37:39 and includes the following songs:

1. Tin Tin Duffy - Kiss Me
2. Dead Or Alive - My Heart Goes Bang
3. Yaz - Don't Go
4. Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams (Hot Tracks Mix)
5. Depeche Mode - Just Can't Get Enough
6. Pet Shop Boys - Left To My Own Devices (Razomaid Remix)
7. Dead Or Alive - Spin Me Round (Murder Mix)

As always your comments or suggestions are always welcome.

Follow this zshare link to download. DJ SHOOTERS CLUB 80's MIX VOL. 2

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Downtempo Mix

This is the first mix I decided to make a few years ago. There is one flaw in this mix that I'm am not to happy about but I like the rest of the mix. The flaw is where the first song and the second song mix. It is sort of a "quick cut mix", since there was no useable intro or break to mix from, if played at loud volume I don't think anyone would notice. I've used it before when I had to use the facilities (restroom) and had no complaints about the mix.

Below is the track listing:

1. Peter Gabriel – Sledgehammer (Original 12" Version)
2. Howard Jones - What Is Love (Dance Mix)
3. Tears For Fears – Shout (12" Version)
4. Cure - Fascination Street (12" Version)
5. Men Without Hats - Safety Dance (Remix)
6. Siouxsie and The Banshees – Peekaboo (Silver Dollar Mix)
7. Erasure - Heavenly Action (Original 12" Version)

This mix runs a length of 34:03.

Follow this zshare link to download: DJ Shooter's Club 80's Mix 1

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Just Starting

Hello everyone out there in dance and disco land.
This is DJ Shooter, your MC for the duration of this blog.

This blog is dedicated to the different mixes that I have complied.

I decided to start this blog because of the Blog site "BORN AGAIN 80's". This site as a special feature every Friday called "The Weekend 80's Mix, which specializes in club mixed 80's songs.

Since I currently mix an 80's/New Wave night every Thursday, at THE PLACE BAR & GRILLE in Marietta GA, I wanted to get more exposure on my mixing style. I will be posting various mixes that I have produced over the past few years for my own enjoyment while driving. All these mixes are in the classic beat mix style with no use of additional cheesy drum beats that beat the same sound for every song. That works fine for TECHNO, but it takes away from the classic New Wave sound of the 80's. All the mixes found in my mixes are from the Original 12" singles, Ultimix Records, Hot Tracks and various other vinyl or CD sources from my personal collection.

Your comments are always welcome and would enjoy knowing what you think of this site. I will post the first mix tomorrow.