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New Wave Round 1

New Wave Round 1

New Wave Round 1

New Wave Round 1

New Wave Round 1

New Wave Round 1

New Wave Round 1

Monday, June 18, 2007

Here is a laugh for your Blue Monday!!!!!

Don't have time to update with a mix today so I'll post (2) tomorrow. Instead read this:

I got this e-mail yesterday from Anonymous []

Can I just ask why your such an arrogant swine on your blog, and why you seem to treat patrons of your website with such contempt, even when they make a valid contribution?

To be honest I don't think you're cut out for this kind of thing because you lack respect and patience.
Your knowledge of 80's music is also open to question with glaring errors in both artist info and even spelling!

I don't appreciate coming onto your blog to be subjected to abuse (eg. being called a bastard for no reason) and I'm sure most of the other visitors to your site would agree.


PS: Stop getting DJ Tedy to do your dirty work just because you don't have the guts to do it yourself.

My response to this????

Am I an arrogant swine? Don't think so!!!!!!!! Treat patrons with contempt? NEVER!!!!!!!!!!! I have always been polite to everyone that visits this site. I fill requests when ever possible. Even reply to emails that I get in a timely manner.

Let's now attack my 80's knowledge!!! I never post information about artists on this blog. I only post mixes that I make.

One finally for the word bastard on my blog and it's not even there.

About DJ Tedy. I have never told him "Hey Tedy...I run this blog, you do the work for me." I feel he does a great job of posting things in the forum and have personally told him so in emails Isend to him. (even promoted him to moderator status because he posts many great things and hope he continues.) If he stops posting, he would be greatly missed.

This person thinks that everyone feels the way he does!!!! I know what my response is to this E-mail.... It's called the DELETE button. Let me know what you think of this person who says I make DJ Tedy do my work since I have no gut to do it myself. Since there was no name on the email, I think the one with no guts is MR. ANONYMOUS! What do you think. Leave a message in the comments area.

The 2 posts lined up for tomorrow will include a mix of rockabilly I created by requests in the forum and another fun NEW WAVE Mix.

Talk to you tomorrow.


Andrew said...

*sigh*. What a jerk. I get so tired of people thinking anyone wants to hear their opinion. If he doesn't like your blog, your choices, DJ Tedy, whatever, then don't come here! If you want to post a megamix of Anne Murray tunes, it is your right to do it since this is your blog. He is most likely truly "lost in the 80's", with nothing better to do than complain about things he doesn't have the knowledge or guts to do himself.

Taz said...

Well said.

We, us in the UK have a name for people that send that kind of e-mails which is ARSEHOLE.

Keep up the great work guys.

2steppa said...

Don't pay it any attention, I imagine the spineless twat was just trying to coax a response out of you. He/she doesn't have the guts to use a valid address, rather just the passive-aggressive route of anonymity :-(

IMO this site and the forum are awesome and DJ Tedy is an invaluable contributor. Keep it up!

2steppa said...

Oh, I forgot to mention,

F**king LOL @ 'I'll report you'

chuck said...

Yea,I got a kick out of the anonymous sig too. If you're going to send an email like that, have the guts to sign your name on it, too.

Everything he or she said was pure bullshit. Your blog is great...keep it up!

djtedy said...

What a waste of energy.

I am here & that talking enough about your blog & forum.

I post more & will post much more.
now i am working on quality post.

If every user (We have 410 registered users) make 1 post on week, at the end of 1. year we will have 21320 diferent songs.
Some of them is rare, maybe i dont have this.

sincerly yours, djtedy

DJDeeds said...

Hmmm,I see quite a bit of this sort of thing happen to some really fantastic blogs,where the bloggers have done a fine job creating and maintaining their sites.It's a real mystery why certain individuals feel the need to do this.One reason could be that the message was meant for another blog, and the dumb idiot sent it to the wrong place,or, perhaps like I have seen before on blogs,he is terribly insecure and has his own 80s blog and simply feels somewhat threatened by the outstanding quality of this one.What he fails to understand is that blogs are generally not created to be competitive,though some very egotistical people do unfortunately treat it that way.Sure, if you got paid a wage for doing it or monetary rewards for having the "worlds greatest blog" I'd understand some people trying to knock you down here and there,but in this situation it makes no sense at all.Be proud of what you have created, and know that there are many here like myself that really enjoy the blog for what it is, and keep in mind that the 400plus users don't think negatively of you or the blog in ANY way.We are here to share a common interest, the love of music.Also a quick point of interest regarding the 80s info...If he's so wound up over wrong information (that actually isn't here!) he would be better off staying away from unique 80s blogs and log on to "Rolling Stone" instead!

Anonymous said...

Why not do an Anne Murray medley just to prove a point!Would that be GREAT or what!!!

John said...

I'm surprised that email wasn't sent to me! I'm pretty darn arrogant and fling around "bastard" quite often. ;)

Keep up the good work here!